I'm Christopher Ebarb
I'm Christopher Ebarb. I'm a photographer based in Tucson, Arizona
I specialize in Portrait, Fashion, and Fine Art Photography. However, I am also experienced in weddings, engagements, and food photography.
I've always been a visual person. For as long as I can remember I'd admire the way light would fill a room, or the sun would fall across a landscape. When I was young, I didn't quite understand that I could capture such moments. I took some photography classes in high school, and was even a photographer for the yearbook. However, the camera to me was simply a tool to capture memories.
It wouldn't be until I attended film school that I would learn that the camera can be used for so much more than simply documenting. I learned that I can control the light itself whether through changing the aperture and shutter speed of a camera, softening the sunlight with a silk screen, or introducing artificial lighting such as a flash, or even composing a shot in a way that makes natural lighting look it's absolute best. 
I shoot almost exclusively on film, as well as developing it myself. I feel that film captures a certain aesthetic that can't quite be replicated by digital cameras. In addition, I enjoy the process of shooting on film, everything from selecting the right film for a shoot, to seeing the results after pulling the negative from a developing tank. I even enjoy the limitations that film presents such as being limited on how many shots a roll of film has. I feel that the limitations help me think a lot more about the shot before taking it. 
 While the camera is still just a tool to capture a moment, it's the process of getting to that moment that I fell in love with. 

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